Partner with Blending A Family

Partner with us today in spreading the hope, help, and victory to other Blended Families.

We all plant seeds of some sort everyday. Two important facts about your seeds are:

  1. The soil in which you plant is the fruit that you attract. Your harvest will contain the ingredients of the soil in which you sow.
  2. The quantity of seeds you plant increases the fruitfulness in your fields.

As you partner with your prayers and financial seed for Blending a Family Ministry, God will multiply your gift back to you into wisdom, guidance, and blessings for your blended family.

Please join us to expand our reach to the many struggling families! Monthly partners are the backbone of our ministry.  We pray for 1000 new partners to help BAF fulfill our mission.

God’s Word tells us that two are better than one, and a 3-stranded cord is not easily broken.
BAF is driven to spread the message of hope, help, and healing from Heaven. We cannot do it alone.

Thank you so much for believing inBAF and its Mission - we are indeed grateful to all of our Partners!


- Blessings to you and your family!
  Moe & Paige Becnel

           Founders, Blending a Family Ministry


One-time Gift Seed
Any Amount

Blending A Family Ministry is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit Corporation. All financial contributions are Tax-Deductible.