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God Breathes on Blended Families Description:

God Breathes on Blended Families - Second Edition (2009) provides an in depth look at the symptoms, causes, and sound solutions to many issues most Blended Families face.  It covers Twelve Fundamentals to build your family, and includes valuable comments from adult children who grew up in a Blended Family – their insight, thoughts, and emotions.

The book is not only a captivating narrative of the Becnel family journey to wholeness, it is a key resource guide for all Blended Families.


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BOOK EXCERPT from God Breathes on Blended Families (2009)
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A Resource For:

  • Remarried Couples
  • Step Parents
  • Remarriage Workshops
  • Pre-Remarriage Preparation & Classes
  • Understanding Step-Children in Blended Families
  • Men/Women Preparing for a Second Marriage

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ISBN 978-0-9841109-1-9

WORKBOOK (2010) Description
God Breathes on Blended Families – Second Edition Workbook (2010) is written to assist Blended Families in reaching the full potential of being the loving family that God designed a family to be, in which every family member is an integral part, is truly loved and accepted, and is of equal importance.

The Book and Workbook work together as a 12-week group curriculum or couples’ devotional to help remarried couples identify and overcome the various issues that arise. The Workbook assists a couple in applying the Twelve Fundamentals discussed in the Book to their unique family.

A resource for:

  • remarried couples
  • remarriage workshop curriculum
  • pre-remarriage preparation and classes
  • understanding children in Blended Families

Item Name: God Breathes on Blended Families (Workbook)  Price: $11.99

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